Religious Formation Conference

The Religious Formation Conference (RFC) is a national Roman Catholic organization serving religious institutes of women and men with programs and services for those in the ministry of initial and lifelong formation, and general congregational membership.

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Bear Forth Love & Hope

Bear forth love and hope

Early on the first day of the week, 
while it was still dark,
Mary Magdalene came to the tomb.
-John 20:1

Dear Friends of the RFC, 

As we enter into these most holy of days, those of us here at the RFC extend Triduum and Easter blessings to all our member communities, collaborators and friends.  


You had not imagined
that something so empty
could fill you
to overflowing,

and now you carry
the knowledge
like an awful treasure
or like a child
that curls itself
within your heart:

how the emptiness
will bear forth
a new world
you cannot fathom
but on whose edge
you stand.

So why do you linger?
You have seen,
and so you are
already blessed.
You have been seen,
and so you are
the blessing.

There is no other word
you need.
There is simply
to go
and tell.
There is simply
to begin.

-Jan Richardson
Circle of Grace: A Book of Blessings for the Seasons

May we, too, be filled to overflowing with new life in Christ. Let us go and tell of life's triumph over death. Together, we can bear forth His love and hope.  

Let us live boldly as Easter people in a broken world. 

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! 

-RFC Staff

Karina Conrad, CDP, Together Program Coordinator
Ellen Dauwer, SC, Executive Director
Ryan Hofmann, Associate Director
Kathy Kandefer, BVM, Operations Manager
Connie Schoen, OP, Program Director


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Phone: 773.675.8362
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