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The Religious Formation Conference (RFC) is a national Roman Catholic organization serving religious institutes of women and men with programs and services for those in the ministry of initial and lifelong formation, and general congregational membership.

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eCourse: Rooted in God, Sent on Mission

The Hudson Valley Member Area (New York/New Jersey) has partnered with Mary Pat Garvin, RSM, PhD to offer a virtual learning experience this fall to vocation and formation ministers. 

Topics of exploration to include:

Emotional Intelligence / Affective Maturity: Bedrock of Interculturality
• NRVC’s 2020 study of new members clearly highlights the diverse cultural backgrounds of those discerning Religious Life! Learning the skills for authentic intercultural living is an absolute must for all members of a Religious congregation, new and “old-er” alike. It must not be missed that one’s emotional intelligence / affective maturity is the bedrock of being capable of living interculturally. We will explore how emotional intelligence / affective maturity can be identified, strengthened, and actualized during the various phases of initial formation.

Sexual Integration: The Capacity for Fruitful Celibate Living
• The capacity for fruitful celibate living is influenced by one’s sexual integration. That is, knowing and accepting one’s sexual identity and living one’s reality with integrity. We will explore how healthy sexual integration graces new members (and “old” members as well!) with energy and passion for being vibrant and fruitful ministers of the Gospel.

Formative Conversations: The Heart of the Formative Journey
• The formative journey is at its core a type of “relational learning”! Just as with the first followers of Jesus, our new members internalize the charism through personal accompaniment whereby they explore the taking on of the mind and heart of Jesus. We will explore several skills necessary when working one-on-one with those discerning Religious Life, including “honoring resistance”, approaching “tender” topics, reflective practice, as well as supervision and peer-vision.

Maximizing Ministry Experiences in Initial Formation
• Ministry experiences during initial formation are a vital element in discerning a Religious vocation. How an individual is prepared for such an experience, the type of accompaniment during the experience itself, as well as the follow-up reflections and conversations about the experience are of utmost importance. We will explore several ways to maximize ministry experiences during each of the specific phases of initial formation from candidacy/postulancy through temporary profession.

For more information and to register click the link below to download PDF document. Questions about this offering can be directed to Mary Pat Garvin at

Rooted in God, Sent on Mission (PDF document)


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