Religious Formation Conference

The Religious Formation Conference (RFC) is a national Roman Catholic organization serving religious institutes of women and men with programs and services for those in the ministry of initial and lifelong formation, and general congregational membership.

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Visits and Visitors

While at the Mexican American College in San Antonio, TX, in March for an RFC workshop in the series Continuing the Conversations, Ellen Dauwer, SC and Connie Schoen, OP met with a group of women religious to reflect on the need to prepare formators from Spanish-speaking congregations for initial formation in the United States and on the possible collaboration of MACC and the RFC in this regard.

This conversation began nearly a year ago and moved forward significantly when Sister Guadalupe Ramirez, MCDP, a faculty member at MACC, observed the January 2017 residential session of ForMission in Burlingame, CA.  Both MACC and the RFC value this collaboration and look forward to its unfolding.


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In April, the RFC welcomed visitors from A Nun's Life Ministry, including co-founders Julie Viera, IHM, and Maxine Kollasch, IHM. CARA had recently completed a study for A Nun's Life on the ways women religious use the internet for vocation outreach and identified key areas for growth in this regard.  Ellen Dauwer, SC, and Carol Regan, SUSC, were eager to engage in this conversation, since expanding its use of technology is one of the growth areas fro the Conference and a key objective in its strategic/emergent plan.





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