Here are a list of general resources. You may also be interested in our Transformation Workshop materials.

  • RFC

    The Conference is pleased to sponsor a new resources portal for those interested in a variety of topics relevant to formation and consecrated life in the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Veronica Openibo, SHCJ

    Veronica Openibo, SHCJ keynote address at the 2021 CMSM Assembly, "Wake Up the World: Living Our Prophetic Witness."

Books and Recordings

Annual Report

  • Cover image of ARISE - RFC 2021 Annual Report

    We invite you to peruse the 2021 Annual Report and learn how the RFC moved forward in service of initial and ongoing formation for women and men religious in 2021.

  • Resilient

    In what ways did the Conference work to cultivate communities of faith and resilience? As our Annual Report demonstrates, the RFC stood boldly at the forefront of nurturing spaces for those in religious life to come together to discern the unfolding path before them.

  • Annual Report

    In this annual report we recollect the many gifts of courage and hope we have experienced throughout the year.

  • 2018 Annual Report

    We hope you will take some time to browse the Annual Report and enjoy the highlights, pictures and people that made 2018 remarkable.

  • RFC 2017 Annual Report
    The RFC is pleased to share our 2017 Annual Report. We had many graced encounters in 2017 and are grateful for all the ways God blessed us with gifts of talent, treasure, and time!
  • Some years ago at the end of Eucharist on the feast of Epiphany, children handed out pieces of chalk and rolled-up blessing prayers to everyone in the congregation. We were encouraged to “chalk our doors” using the symbols 20 + C + M + B + 15, with C, M, and B representing both the names of the Magi as well as the Latin phrase: Christus mansionem benedicat (May Christ bless the house)...

  • As we prepare this Annual Report, Washington, DC is near the end of its magnificent season of spring. It had an early start this year, spurred on by late winter warmth. Once the buds began to open, there was no stopping them! Magnolias led the way, with forsythia, cherries, dogwood, and azaleas following along in overlapping succession. Each morning’s commute revealed new colors and beauty.

  • The Annual Report of the Religious Formation Conference is an occasion for the Conference to review its stewardship of the resources with which its members and its benefactors have blessed it. An expression of accountability to them, it also carries the Conference’s gratitude for the confidence they have placed in it and for their generosity in its supporting its mission. 

    In this spirit of accountability and gratitude, we are pleased to offer the Conference’s 2014 Annual Report.

  • 2013 Annual Report

    We are pleased to publish our 2013 Annual Report, an expression of accountability to the Conference’s members, funders, colleagues, and friends. Please click on 2013 Annual Report to access the document.